10 Reasons to Choose Us

  1. We’re experts in camping and make it easy for you to have a relaxing, exciting and enjoyable time.
  2. We don’t charge more for school holidays.
  3. There are no hidden costs: firewood, showers, parking, biodegradable soaps and use of bikes all included. Locally produced charcoal, fresh eggs and organic veg available to buy. Creative workshops run on a “pay as you feel” contribution basis to cover materials and time.
  4. There’s loads to do on site, self guided or supervised, so no need to drive around getting into traffic jams, struggling to park, paying huge entry fees or car park fees.
  5. It is a real Eco Holiday – low impact and thoughtful. We take pride in the quality of of facilities; our structures are all designed and made by us from sustainable and recycled materials and even the most squeamish are happy to use our luxury compost toilet!
  6. You can get up real close to nature by staying in a private nature reserve – watch wildlife from your tent and add sightings to our blog.
  7. Take a techno detox – turn off phones, leave the laptop at home and enjoy the sounds of nature instead. Breathe the fresh air miles and miles away from polluted urban areas and busy roads.
  8. You can get inspired: learn about sustainable living, learn a new skill, learn about nature and wildlife.
  9. You can make new friends with fellow like-minded campers.
  10. We are in a really sheltered location – quite rare for the wild and windy county of Pembrokeshire!