Can I bring my dog?

No. We have a no dogs policy primarily because our site is a sensitive wildlife refuge. The presence of even the best behaved dogs can scare off our otters and timid ground nesting birds.

Will my phone work?

Maybe. Some networks have some coverage here and some have none. A good chance to detox from technology and enjoy the sounds of nature instead?

Is there wi-fi?

No. The site is wi-fi free for a real back to nature experience.

Can I charge my phone?

Only if you rent our tiny home.

Can a group of us camp together?

The site is couple/family orientated so each pitch can accommodate one large tent and shelter or a couple of smaller ones. We do not allow loud music or parties so that everyone can enjoy the peace and tranquility.

What is the check-in/check-out time?

Arrivals after 12pm, leave by 11am. (for the Tiny Home arrivals after 2pm) We have to be really strict about this as we live at the end of a narrow single track lane which passes a small caravan site on the way down. To avoid meeting towing caravans and having to reverse we have an arrangement regarding the times people drive each way on the lane.

How far is the sea?

6 miles to the nearest beach. Over 10 beaches within easy reach plus the rugged coastline of Strumble Head, St Bride’s Bay and Dinas Head for walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Can I drive to my pitch?

No. The site is car-free to enhance the enjoyment and safety for everyone. Parking is near the farmyard less than 50m from the camping area and there are paths to the pitches. Help is available if needed and wheelbarrows are available to use.

Is it suitable for youngsters?

Yes, although we don’t provide specific facilities for the very young. We also ask that children are supervised at all times as we have hazards including farm animals and watercourses.

Are there disabled facilities?

The site is not suitable for wheelchair users.The ground is very uneven and sloping and rocky or wet in places. It depends on the type and severity of the disability whether someone could manage. Please contact us to discuss further.

Do I have to pay for showers?

No. Hot showers with soap and shampoo are free to use but we do ask that you are not wasteful with water.

Do you hire tents?

Yes we have a 4 man Scout Patrol tent available for hire.

Is it cold in the hut?

Quite the opposite. When the little burner is lit it heats up to T-shirt temperature in 10 minutes. With all the insulation it stays warm well after the burner goes out.

Are there lots of trains and are they noisy?

There are only a few trains a day serving Fishguard harbour. They are each only 2 carriages and are on welded rails so it just sounds like a lorry going past. The trains just serve as a reminder that there is a world still out there!