Environmental Policy

Real Eco Holiday

We care about the environment a lot so we do everything we can to reduce the impact of your holiday and maintain our site as a haven for wildlife as well as caring for the wider environment beyond our boundaries.

  • Tread lightly

Although we have 22 acres we only permit a maximum of 5 families/25 people camping and one couple in our Tiny Home at any one time. This reduces the impact of human presence on the sensitive native wildlife and habitat meaning that there is space for people and animals to co-exist. It also reduces the pressure on precious natural resources such as water and keeps waste to a minimum – rubbish, human waste and greywater.

  • Recycling

    Fun, interactive recycling station for glass, tins, paper, card, plastic bottles, plastic food packaging, batteries, gas canisters, crisp packets and food waste using our uniquely designed Recycling Cube.   We are unable to dispose of any large items you have finished with.  Please take them with you.

  • Transport

    There is so much to do here that driving all over the place isn’t necessary. We encourage visitors to use human power or public transport wherever it makes sense. You can walk into our land on a footpath, cycle in on a bridleway or lane and there are regular buses passing through the village. It is only 1 mile to the village where there are shops, a butcher, post office, pubs and an award winning fish and chip takeaway and restaurant. We encourage visitors to walk or cycle into the village rather than drive and have a selection of bikes rescued from landfill available to use free of charge.

  • Car-free camping holiday

    It is easy to come by public transport. Trains come from London to Haverfordwest or Fishguard daily and there is a connecting bus to the village. There is also a National Express bus service between London and Haverfordwest daily for a cheaper alternative. Avoid summer traffic jams and parking problems by leaving the car at home! We can pick you up from the village or train station. From Easter to October there are hop on hop off shuttle buses serving all the local beaches and tourist routes.

  • Eco-friendly products

    We only allow biodegradable soaps and detergents on site as all our drains are ‘soakaways’ into the land. We provide all the products you need free of charge including soap, shampoo and washing up liquid. You are welcome to bring your own but they must be 100% natural ingredients and biodegradable. We have lots of streams and a river so it is really important not to allow chemical run-off to enter the water courses which harms aquatic life.

  • Food

    Fresh,organic, seasonal, local – you can pre order from our local Grocers in Fishguard.   All your organic fruit, veg meat and fish will delivered here on the saturday to begin your holiday (so cutting down packaging!) . “Mannings Grocers” in fishguard have a great facebook page or give them a call 01348 874100 Mannings cater for Vegetarians, vegan and Gluten diets.

  • Building materials

Everything we construct is made from reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials where possible and we use traditional building techniques such as round pole timber framing, lime mortar and limewash, dry stone walling etc. We try not to buy any newly manufactured materials if there is an alternative.

  • Firewood

All firewood is provided free of charge (one crate each pitch everynight) and is responsibly sourced locally. Most of it is either forestry thinnings cut by ourselves or offcuts from a mobile saw mill. Locally made barbeque charcoal from a nearby sustainable woodland is available to buy.

  • Leave no Trace

Operating under the Greener Camping Club we follow the principle of having no permanent structures for the campsite. There is no tarmac, no concrete toilet block and no reception building. We do not mow acres of grass and mark out pitches. Out of season the campsite is as wild as nature intended and is lightly grazed by our livestock. On a smaller scale we ask visitors not to make extra paths, damage trees, disturb wildlife, dig holes or leave any evidence of their presence lying around anywhere on site (rubbish, food waste etc). We have more information on Leave No Trace in our campers’ information packs.

  • Supporting others

Wherever possible we encourage positive impact from what we do so we use some of our profits to support good causes. For example our compost loo is twinned with a toilet in Cambodia to aid work to promote clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education in places that most need it – see www.toilettwinning.org. We also support the work of the RSPB, National Trust and Wildlife Trusts to help protect wildlife and the natural environment more locally. 10% of the Greener Camping Club membership fee goes directly back into environmental projects on our site including tree planting, habitat improvement, bird/owl/bat boxes etc