What to bring

To enhance your enjoyment of our site we suggest bringing the following items if you have them:

  • Binoculars – watch the birds and wildlife from your tent.
  • Camera – capture the magical moments, try some wildlife photography.
  • Torch – for getting around after dark when the moon isn’t out.
  • Yoga mat – covered dry space available for if it is not dry enough for outdoor yoga.
  • Fishing rod and tackle – we have over 500m of river frontage with fishing rights. Especially good for trout.
  • Hammock or bivvi bag – for the more intrepid who want to sleep out under the stars.
  • Wellies – really useful when the grass is dewy in the mornings and for exploring the wetter areas of the nature reserve or go paddling in the river or stream.
  • Sense of adventure – there is so much exploring to do including following the nature trail, finding hidden picnic spots and discovering secret surprises!