What not to bring!

The beauty of our site is that it is peaceful and quiet and full of wildlife. In order to keep it this way for the enjoyment of all the beasts who live here and all the people who visit we request that the following items should not be brought onto the site:

  • Generators
  • Dogs
  • Noisy toys, games or loud music
  • Drones

We also encourage sustainable practice wherever possible so we also ask our visitors not to bring:

  • disposable barbeques
  • charcoal or briquettes made from tropical timber
  • non biodegradable soaps, shampoos, cleaning products etc
  • unnecessary single use plastics such as disposable plates & cutlery, drinking straws, throw away water bottles…

We have a supply of locally made charcoal for sale and we can provide a barbeque if you wish. We provide high quality natural biodegradable soap, shampoo and washing up liquid free of charge. You can pre order all your fruit veg fish and meat from Mannings Grocers in Fishguard. It will be delivered on the Saturday starting your holiday.