“Every decision we make about food is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in” (Frances Moore Lappe)

We love our food so where it comes from and how it is produced is really important to us. Ideally our food ticks all of these criteria:

Fresh – Organic – Seasonal – Local

We make it easier to tick these boxes in these ways:

Fresh Eggs and Home Grown Fruit & Veg

Freshly laid organic eggs from our flock of hens available daily. Join us on our rounds to collect the eggs if you wish.

Seasonal organic fruit and veg from our farm for sale – cheaper than Tesco’s! or pre order from Mannings in Fishguard.



‘pick your own’ herb bed.




Local shops

The local village 1 mile away offers a butcher selling almost 100% local meat, three small grocery stores, a 4* pub/restaurant and a fish and chip shop – the winner of All Wales Takeaway of the Year 2016 (who use locally grown spuds).



Pre-Ordered Organic Groceries

Order from our local supplier Mannings of Fishguard 01348 874100 before you arrive and your organic fruit, veg, groceries and wholefoods will be here for you to collect on arrival.


Tuck Shop

24 hour honesty shop for guests stocked with emergency camping munchies at competitive prices.


ps Food for thought

Supermarket delivery vans?  That’s not how we roll!